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Through a powerful base of client relationships, Onyx Healthcare Solutions can create meaningful connections between the Providers, Payors, and Health Programs and Products that are shaping today’s healthcare evolution.


Among the challenges healthcare providers face, gaining and securing market share is of vital importance. Onyx Healthcare Solutions will collaborate with your organization to weigh market strategies and respond effectively to your patient community needs.

Our Managed Care Contracting division will help you maintain positive cash flow by securing favorable contracts and monitoring financial performance of those agreements.


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For healthcare payors, there is rising need to react quickly, streamline business processes and capture new revenue streams – all while adhering to increasingly demanding quality and adequacy standards.

Onyx Healthcare Solutions can help your organization evolve your network to meet and serve population needs by facilitating relationships with high quality providers.

Our cost efficient marketing solutions help drive visibility and utilization of new products, programs and services you want to implement.


  • HMO
  • PPO
  • POS
  • FFS
  • HSA
  • ACO

Health Products & Programs

Onyx believes in improving quality of patient care through the widespread adoption of innovative products, integrated healthcare delivery systems, IT health programs and unique payment models.

We can facilitate the strategic alliances you need to secure local/national contracts, increase utilization, or bring new products and services to market.

By leveraging our long-standing relationships with providers and payors,and putting our sales and marketing experience to work for you, Onyx Healthcare Solutions ensures your value benefit is delivered to the right audience at the right time.


  • Telehealth
  • Medical Apps
  • Cloud-based Technology
  • FIDA
  • MLTC
  • Billing
  • Coordinated Care
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